Practical Reading and Writing Skills

Practical Reading and Writing Skills

By: Howard, Peter

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76 Practical Reading & Writing Skills for Secondary Students is a workbook of exercises for improving language skills based on practical real life examples. This book can be used in the classroom or at home for revision and extra work.

Practical Reading & Writing Skills for Secondary Students is a book of exercises to improve basic language skills, based on material which students use every day, for example, maps, menus, timetables, advertisements. It is for students in Years 7 to 8, but particularly those students who either do not like reading or have difficulty reading. Practical Reading & Writing Skills for Secondary Students covers skills in reading, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.


• Uses material which is relevant and interesting to Year 7 to 8 students.

• Includes answers in a separate section


1 Filling up
2 Reading a sign
3 Reading a handbook
4 The overworked word nice
5 Words that sound alike
6 Reading a TV program
7 Reading a recipe
8 The overworked words got and get
9 Correcting a letter
10 Reading a telephone directory
11 Facts about skin cancer
12 More words that sound alike
13 Correcting mistakes
14 Ordering take-away
15 Using a dictionary
16 Using past participles
17 Using the past tense
18 Food as energy
19 Reading a road map
20 More correcting mistakes
21 Unnecessary words
22 Reading instructions
23 Reading a tide chart
24 More unnecessary words
25 Proverbs
26 Reading a street map
27 Reading a railway timetable
28 Using the right past tense
29 A visit to the museum
30 Reading a notice
31 Reading a soccer league table
32 Numeral words
33 Abbreviations
34 Reading a menu
35 Cricketing averages
36 Some useful verbs
37 Words that can be mispronounced
38 Applying for a driver's licence
39 Reading for information
40 Euphemisms
41 More proverbs
42 Buying a house
43 Buying a used car
44 Verbs that describe how we move
45 Frequently misspelt words
46 Keeping words in the right order
47 Reading instructions
48 Making a sentence longer
49 More reading for information
50 Verbs that describe movement
51 Correct usage
52 Livestock numbers
53 Common nouns
54 Proper nouns
55 Collective nouns
56 Abstract nouns
57 Personal pronouns
58 Relative pronouns
59 Adjectives
60 Verbs
61 Adverbs.
62 Conjunctions
63 Prepositions
64 Phrases
65 Clauses and sentences
66 More correct usage
67 Grammar revision (ISBN: 9781875695485 - When referring to this item please quote our stock ID: 571)

Title: Practical Reading and Writing Skills

Author Name: Howard, Peter

Categories: Secondary ESL,

Publisher: Australia, Phoenix Education Australia: 31/Dec/1995

ISBN Number: 1875695486

ISBN Number 13: 9781875695485

Binding: Paperback

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