Mathematics Revision & Practice Book 4 Revision 4

Mathematics Revision & Practice Book 4 Revision 4

By: Bull, Ian

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: revision 4, Year 10 232 Mathematics Revision and Practice is a series of books, each one of which provides a revision and homework program covering a full year's work. Each set of skills is clearly explained with diagrams and examples and is accompanied by a page of practice exercises.

Forty revision worksheets - one for each week of the school year - test all topics and ensure that by the end of the year all work has been revised and understood.

Answers are provided to the practice exercises and revision worksheets.

Book 1 Yr 7, Book 2 Yr 8, Book 3 Yr 9 and Book 4 Yr 10

Book 4 Contents

About this book

Overview and record sheet

Topic 1: Number skills
•Skill 1.1: Converting between decimals and fractions
•Skil11.2: Converting between fractions and percentages
•Skil11.3: Converting between decimals and percentages
•Skill 1.4: Comparing parts of quantities
•Skill 1.5: Mental calculation
•Skill 1.6: Scientific notation
•Skill 1.7: Working with surds
•Number skills practice

Topic 2: Number applications
•Skill 2.1: Sharing quantities in a given ratio
•Skill 2.2: Using ratios within a population
•Skill 2.3: Ratios and scale diagrams
•Skill 2.4: Increasing or decreasing quantities in a ratio
•Skill 2.5: Finding fractions of quantities
•Skill 2.6: Expressing fractions of quantities as percentages
•Skill 2.7: Finding percentages of quantities
•Skill 2.8: Percentage increase or decrease
•Skill 2.9: Rates
•Skill 2.10 Converting rate units
•Number applications practice

Topic 3: Algebra
•Skill 3.1: Simplifying algebraic expressions
•Skill 3.2: Expanding brackets
•Skill 3.3 Algebraic fractions
•Skill 3.4: Factorising algebraic expressions
•Skill 3.5: Solving simple linear equations
•Skill 3.6: Solving complex linear equations
•Skill 3.7 Solving linear inequations
•Skill 3.8: Working with literal equations
•Skill 3.9: Simultaneous equations
•Skill 3.10: Solving simple quadratic equations
•Skill 3.11: Solving complex quadratic equations
•Skill 3.12: Using the guess/check/improve method to solve equations
•Skill 3.13: Constructing practical equations
•Skill 3.14: Variation
•Algebra practice

Topic 4: Indices
•Skill 4.1 Numbers and indices
•Skill 4.2: Multiplying index expressions
•Skill 4.3: Dividing index expressions
•Skill 4.4: Multiplying and dividing terms containing indices
•Skill 4.5: Expanding brackets with indices
•Skill 4.6: Negative indices
•Skill 4.7: Fractional indices
•Skill 4.8: Solving indicial equations
•Skill 4.9: Working with numbers expressed in scientific notation
•Indices practice

Topic 5: The Cartesian plane E
•Skill 5.1: Finding the gradient of a line passing between two points
•Skill 5.2: Finding the distance between two points
•Skill 5.3: Sketching straight lines
•Skill 5.4: Finding the equation of a straight line
•Skill 5.5: Simultaneous equations
•Skill 5.6: Graphing inequations
•Skill 5.7: Plotting quadratic equations
•Skill 5.8 Shifting parabolas
•Skill 5.9: Sketching parabolas
•Skill 5.10: Plotting cubic equations
•Cartesian plane practice

Topic 6: Geometry .
•Skill 6.1: Angles between parallel lines
•Skill 6.2: Angles in triangles and quadrilaterals
•Skill 6.3: Properties of circles
•Skill 6.4: Symmetrical properties of plane shapes
•Skill 6.5: Changing shapes: enlargement and dilation
•Skill 6.6: Describing properties of solids
•Skill 6.7: Drawing diagrams of solids
•Skill 6.8: Network diagrams
•Skill 6.9: Triangle constructions
•Geometry practice

Topic 7: Measurement
•Skill 7.1: Pythagoras' theorem in two dimensions
•Skill 7.2: Perimeter
•Skill 7.3 Similar and congruent triangles
•Skill 7.4: Area of simple shapes
•Skill 7.5: Composite areas
•Skill 7.6: Drawing accurate nets of solids
•Skill 7.7: Surface area of solids
•Skill 7.8: Volume of solids
•Skill 7.9: Working with solids (Pythagoras' theorem in 3 dimensions)
•Skill 7.10: Errors and uncertainty in measurement
•Measurement practice

Topic 8: Trigonometry :
•Skill 8.1: Using sin to find side lengths
•Skill 8.2: Using cos to find side lengths
•Skill 8.3: Using tan to find side lengths
•Skill 8.4: Using sin to find an angle
•Skill 8.5: Using cos to find an angle
•Skill 8.6: Using tan to find an angle
•Skill 8.7: Composite figures
•Skill 8.8: Practical applications in two dimensions
•Skill 8.9: Practical applications in three dimensions
•Trigonometry practice

Topic 9: Chance and data :
•Skill 9.1: Stem and leaf plots
•Skill 9.2: Measures of central tendency
•Skill 9.3: Measures of spread
•Skill 9.4: Interquartile range and box and whisker plots
•Skill 9.5: Displaying continuous data
•Skill 9.6: Working with continuous data
•Skill 9.7: Scatter plots and the lines of best fit
•Skill 9.8: Probability of single and complementary events
•Skill 9.9: Displaying sample spaces
•Skill 9.10: Probability of multiple independent events
•Skill 9.11: Probability of multiple dependent events
•Skill 9.12: Probability and gambling odds
•Skill 9.13: Simulating experiments
•Chance and data practice

Topic 10: Using calculators
•Skill 10.1: Rounding off numbers and estimating solutions
•Skill 10.2: Simple calculations
•Skill 10.3: Repeating to operation on a range of numbers
•Skill 10.4: Fractions
•Skill 10.5: Using the memory function
•Skill 10.6: Scientific notation
•Skill 10.7: Reciprocals
•Skill 10.8: Trigonometric functions
•Skill 10.9: Raising a number to a power
•Skill 10.10 Finding the root of a number
•Skill 10.11 Using the statistical functions
•Calculator practice
•Revision and Practice worksheets

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Title: Mathematics Revision & Practice Book 4 Revision 4

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