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1 Literacy Labyrinth
United Kingdom Pearson Education Limited 27/Jul/1996 0724807047 / 9780724807048 240 x 190mm. 295 "The Literacy Labyrinth" is written to provide students with a broad introduction to knowledge about literacy learning and teaching. It presents a comprehensive range of current and classical theoretical perspectives in a balanced yet challenging way, encouraging the reader to examine their reactions to theory and form their own informed approach to literacy teaching and learning. It is also suitable for graduates wishing to update their knowledge. The book may be read with its companion volume "The Literacy Lexicon," or it may be read entirely independently. The reader is given a choice about how to read the text. They may read it straight through. Or they may choose to follow up all or some of the suggestions for further reading to gain deeper knowledge about particular issues. This includes reference to the companion volume of readings, "The Literacy Lexicon." They are also given the option of pausing for discussion in order to do the suggested activities. In this way "The Literacy Labyrinth" attempts to give the reader a number of options to achieve new depths of understanding about literacy issues. (ISBN: 9780724807048 - When referring to this item please quote our stock ID: 2987) 
Price: 64.95 AUD
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2 Literacy Lexicon
Bull, Bull, Geoff, Anstey, Michele
Australia Pearson Higher Education 27/Jun/1996 0724807039 / 9780724807031 245 x 190mm. 270 "The Literacy Lexicon" is designed with a twofold purpose: as a book of readings in critical literacy, and as a supporting reader to The Literacy Labyrinth written by Michele Anstey and Geoff Bull. Each of the chapters is written by leading theorists, many of them Australian, and explore in-depth issues about the nature and origins of language and literacy. It is intended that the reader construct their own views from the wide-ranging discussion provided "by The Literacy Lexicon." The Literacy Lexicon has four parts: Foundations, Knowledge, Application and Implementation. The foundations part contains chapters which explore sociological, philosophical, linguistic and sociocultural origins of language and literacy. This part forms the background of the succeeding parts exploring language and literacy pedagogy, application of such knowledge to the classroom and the issues which impinge on the implementation of language and literacy pedagogy. (ISBN: 9780724807031 - When referring to this item please quote our stock ID: 2988) 
Price: 34.95 AUD
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3 Mathematics Revision & Practice Book 4 Revision 4
Bull, Ian
Australia Phoenix Education Australia 31/Oct/1996 1875695478 / 9781875695478 : revision 4, Year 10 232 Mathematics Revision and Practice is a series of books, each one of which provides a revision and homework program covering a full year's work. Each set of skills is clearly explained with diagrams and examples and is accompanied by a page of practice exercises.

Forty revision worksheets - one for each week of the school year - test all topics and ensure that by the end of the year all work has been revised and understood.

Answers are provided to the practice exercises and revision worksheets.

Book 1 Yr 7, Book 2 Yr 8, Book 3 Yr 9 and Book 4 Yr 10

Book 4 Contents

About this book

Overview and record sheet

Topic 1: Number skills
•Skill 1.1: Converting between decimals and fractions
•Skil11.2: Converting between fractions and percentages
•Skil11.3: Converting between decimals and percentages
•Skill 1.4: Comparing parts of quantities
•Skill 1.5: Mental calculation
•Skill 1.6: Scientific notation
•Skill 1.7: Working with surds
•Number skills practice

Topic 2: Number applications
•Skill 2.1: Sharing quantities in a given ratio
•Skill 2.2: Using ratios within a population
•Skill 2.3: Ratios and scale diagrams
•Skill 2.4: Increasing or decreasing quantities in a ratio
•Skill 2.5: Finding fractions of quantities
•Skill 2.6: Expressing fractions of quantities as percentages
•Skill 2.7: Finding percentages of quantities
•Skill 2.8: Percentage increase or decrease
•Skill 2.9: Rates
•Skill 2.10 Converting rate units
•Number applications practice

Topic 3: Algebra
•Skill 3.1: Simplifying algebraic expressions
•Skill 3.2: Expanding brackets
•Skill 3.3 Algebraic fractions
•Skill 3.4: Factorising algebraic expressions
•Skill 3.5: Solving simple linear equations
•Skill 3.6: Solving complex linear equations
•Skill 3.7 Solving linear inequations
•Skill 3.8: Working with literal equations
•Skill 3.9: Simultaneous equations
•Skill 3.10: Solving simple quadratic equations
•Skill 3.11: Solving complex quadratic equations
•Skill 3.12: Using the guess/check/improve method to solve equations
•Skill 3.13: Constructing practical equations
•Skill 3.14: Variation
•Algebra practice

Topic 4: Indices
•Skill 4.1 Numbers and indices
•Skill 4.2: Multiplying index expressions
•Skill 4.3: Dividing index expressions
•Skill 4.4: Multiplying and dividing terms containing indices
•Skill 4.5: Expanding brackets with indices
•Skill 4.6: Negative indices
•Skill 4.7: Fractional indices
•Skill 4.8: Solving indicial equations
•Skill 4.9: Working with numbers expressed in scientific notation
•Indices practice

Topic 5: The Cartesian plane E
•Skill 5.1: Finding the gradient of a line passing between two points
•Skill 5.2: Finding the distance between two points
•Skill 5.3: Sketching straight lines
•Skill 5.4: Finding the equation of a straight line
•Skill 5.5: Simultaneous equations
•Skill 5.6: Graphing inequations
•Skill 5.7: Plotting quadratic equations
•Skill 5.8 Shifting parabolas
•Skill 5.9: Sketching parabolas
•Skill 5.10: Plotting cubic equations
•Cartesian plane practice

Topic 6: Geometry .
•Skill 6.1: Angles between parallel lines
•Skill 6.2: Angles in triangles and quadrilaterals
•Skill 6.3: Properties of circles
•Skill 6.4: Symmetrical properties of plane shapes
•Skill 6.5: Changing shapes: enlargement and dilation
•Skill 6.6: Describing properties of solids
•Skill 6.7: Drawing diagrams of solids
•Skill 6.8: Network diagrams
•Skill 6.9: Triangle constructions
•Geometry practice

Topic 7: Measurement
•Skill 7.1: Pythagoras' theorem in two dimensions
•Skill 7.2: Perimeter
•Skill 7.3 Similar and congruent triangles
•Skill 7.4: Area of simple shapes
•Skill 7.5: Composite areas
•Skill 7.6: Drawing accurate nets of solids
•Skill 7.7: Surface area of solids
•Skill 7.8: Volume of solids
•Skill 7.9: Working with solids (Pythagoras' theorem in 3 dimensions)
•Skill 7.10: Errors and uncertainty in measurement
•Measurement practice

Topic 8: Trigonometry :
•Skill 8.1: Using sin to find side lengths
•Skill 8.2: Using cos to find side lengths
•Skill 8.3: Using tan to find side lengths
•Skill 8.4: Using sin to find an angle
•Skill 8.5: Using cos to find an angle
•Skill 8.6: Using tan to find an angle
•Skill 8.7: Composite figures
•Skill 8.8: Practical applications in two dimensions
•Skill 8.9: Practical applications in three dimensions
•Trigonometry practice

Topic 9: Chance and data :
•Skill 9.1: Stem and leaf plots
•Skill 9.2: Measures of central tendency
•Skill 9.3: Measures of spread
•Skill 9.4: Interquartile range and box and whisker plots
•Skill 9.5: Displaying continuous data
•Skill 9.6: Working with continuous data
•Skill 9.7: Scatter plots and the lines of best fit
•Skill 9.8: Probability of single and complementary events
•Skill 9.9: Displaying sample spaces
•Skill 9.10: Probability of multiple independent events
•Skill 9.11: Probability of multiple dependent events
•Skill 9.12: Probability and gambling odds
•Skill 9.13: Simulating experiments
•Chance and data practice

Topic 10: Using calculators
•Skill 10.1: Rounding off numbers and estimating solutions
•Skill 10.2: Simple calculations
•Skill 10.3: Repeating to operation on a range of numbers
•Skill 10.4: Fractions
•Skill 10.5: Using the memory function
•Skill 10.6: Scientific notation
•Skill 10.7: Reciprocals
•Skill 10.8: Trigonometric functions
•Skill 10.9: Raising a number to a power
•Skill 10.10 Finding the root of a number
•Skill 10.11 Using the statistical functions
•Calculator practice
•Revision and Practice worksheets

Answers to practice sheets

Answers to worksheets (ISBN: 9781875695478 - When referring to this item please quote our stock ID: 537) 
Price: 14.95 AUD
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