tesl BOOKS was established in 1983 to service the needs of the 
English as a Second Language sector, 
providing resources for both students 
& teachers alike. We provide resources for IELTS, Cambridge English Exams, 
TOEFL, TOEIC, Workplace english, English for Academic Purposes,Business English, 
CELTA,TEFL (and any other acronym you can think of) and Australian ESL.

Since those days our range has expanded and today we also provide resources for
VCE students, primary & secondary students 
aswell as providing foreign language 
learning and reference materials 
ranging from Vietnamese, Khmer, Indonesian, 
Japanese, Ilokano 
thru to German, Italian, Spanish & French (even Swahili)


We are a family owned and run small business operating in Melbourne, Victoria.


Our Mission is to partner with you in your learning


Our purpose is to provide resources which help build understanding,

because we firmly believe that through understanding we can create

positive change in our communities, one person at a time.